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Probability assessment by Probers

Probers provide a way to establish the calibration and discrimination of a respondent provided set of probabilities about whether a statement is true or false. Youtube videos


  The 6 mini-MOOC videos These are all on the Youtube channel Here are the individual links #1 #2 #3 https://...

Annalisa Unlocked - Try Me!

Discover how to transform the default Annaisa template into one for a decision of interest to you. LAUNCH or watch video

Should the Little Mermaid have bet on the Prince? [FictionAL]

Should the Little Mermaid have accepted the Sea Wirtch's deal? LAUNCH

Generic healthcare Annalisa [HypotheticAL]

A generic illustration of Annalisa using purely hypothetical performance Ratings, which you can transform into one for a specific decision of interest. LAUNCH