• Items in this section provide some of the background and theory behind MCDA-based decision support in general and DecisionALs specifically. They often go beyond simple clarification of a term, concept, theory or activity to introduce our perspective in relation to it and the implications of the resulting interpretation.

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What is idealisation?

‘Idealised’ is one of the Score Types which can be used in Annalisa, the others being ‘Simple’ and ‘Distributive’. Selecting it means that the Simple Ratings entered into the Annalisa will undergo the process of id...

What is normalisation?

The Weightings used in the calculation of Option Scores in an Annalisa are always normalised, which means they are made to add up to 1 or 100%, even if they did not already do so. The program does allows un-normalised weightings to be entered and dis...

What is 'prescriptive'?

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The decision support provided in our Decision Annalisas - DecisionALs for short -is 'prescriptive'. What does this mean and why do we emphasise it? We do so essentially to make very clear what DecisionALs offer and what they don't, what they ar...