What is a Decision Technology?

A technology is simply a way of doing something. For anything to be done or made or performed a technology is required. Through history, ways of making things or undertaking the same task have changed dramatically, so it is common to speak of the replacement of old technologies by new ones, to which adjectives such as  'labour-saving' or 'computer-based' are applied. But it is very important not to be ahistorical and reserve the term 'technology' for ones that have emerged recently. That means the critical ability to compare and evaluate them in relation to the present status quo ones is lost, the latter being excluded from the category and treated as 'just the way we do things', rather than as what they are, i.e. the current technology, that should be part of any evaluation. Comparing new technologies only amongst themselves and/or against some normative standards and requirements is accepted to be simple methodological bias, and indeed nonsense, when it comes to evaluating medical drugs or devices. There is no acceptable reason for not applying the same methodological requirement for proper comparative empirical evaluation of all the available technologies when it comes to ways of making decisions... to Decision Technologies.