What is idealisation?

‘Idealised’ is one of the Score Types which can be used in Annalisa, the others being ‘Simple’ and ‘Distributive’. Selecting it means that the Simple Ratings entered into the Annalisa will undergo the process of idealisation. It will be these idealised numbers that  are used in the Score calculation. In the process of idealisation the Option with the best Simple rating for each criterion is identified and multiplied by the number necessary to transform it to 1. All the other option Ratings for that criterion are multiplied by that same number, so that the proportionality between them is preserved. For example, if the option with the best rating for a criterion has a Rating of 0.8 (80%) and another option has a rating of 0.4 (40%), their idealised Ratings will be 1 and 0.5 respectively (both being multiplied by 1.25). If the best option is already rated 1 on a criterion, idealisation has no effect on that criterion. Note that idealisation occurs behind the scenes and does not change the original Simple ratings displayed in the Ratings panel of an Annalisa.