• A DecisionAL may be a:
    ProvisionAL (OriginAL but always under development so never becomes a FinAL); TranslationAL (Re-presentation of a publicly available study, analysis or aid); PotentiAL (Starter: Criteria always, Default weightings and Options maybe, Ratings never); FictionAL (Annalisa encounters a character from fiction or history); HypotheticAL.

Drug Harms in the UK [TranslationAL]

The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs applied MCDA to model and assess 20 drugs on 16 criteria. Their findings (in 2010) correlated poorly with the current UK drug classification, which was, and is, not based simply on considerations of harm....

Harms reduction potential of nicotine products [TranslationAL]

An international expert panel convened by the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs developed a multi-criteria decision analysis model of the relative importance of different types of harm related to the use of nicotine-containing products. The g...
AHP Tutorial

Cartilage Repair [TranslationAL]

In a step-by-step tutorial, van Hummel and colleagues illustrate how the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) can support groups making healthcare decisions.* They use a hypothetical example adapted from an empirical AHP analysis on the benefits and risk...

Annalisa Unlocked - Try me!

Discover how to transform the default Annalisa template into one for a decision of interest to you. Launch or watch Video first

Generic health decision [HypotheticAL]

A generic illustration of Annalisa using purely hypothetical performance Ratings, permitting transformation into an Annalisa for a decision of your own choice.

Prioritisation for Vaccine Development [TranslationAL]

SMART Vaccines is a MCDA-based software template to assist policy makers decide on priorities for vaccine development. We re-present one of the illustrations provided of its use.

Breast cancer aid with and without Over-detection information

Mammography screening We represent the decision aid 'Breast cancer screening: It's your choice' produced by the University of Sydney STEP group (2014) in Annalisa format.

Cancer Treatment [Hypothetical]

In their recent call for wider use of multicriteria approaches to value health interventions, Phelps and Madhavan illustrate the MCDA process in detail. They considered 5 patients faced with choosing among five primary cancer therapies that varied on...
Cancer - breast

Breast conservation in early stage breast cancer [TranslationAL]

The breast conservation decision in early stage breast cancer This paper introduces a downloadable  Excel implementation of the AHP and uses a simplified version of the breast conservation decision in early stage breast cancer to illustrate its...

Aspirin as primary prophylaxis for cardiovascular disease [TranslationAL]

The MAGIC group have published a demonstration guideline to illustrate how MAGICapp works and how decision aids can be made available for use in consultations, for example on tablet computers, to create discussions between physicians and patients. We...

Atrial Fibrillation - McMaster Aid [TranslationAL]

A decision aid has been developed at McMaster University in Canada that aims to assist patients with established Atrial Fibrillation in choosing among antithrombotic agents - antiplatelets (aspirin), warfarin, and four new direct-acting oral anticoag...

Which statin? [TranslationAL]

Huseyin Naci and colleagues have developed a Statin Ranking Tool which summarises a quarter-century history of research on statin drugs. It rates and ranks 5 statins on 7 criteria. The tool, and an Annalisa version of it which uses only the options a...
Course Assessment

MyCourseQuality [EducationAL]

MyCourseQuality is a dually personalised instrument for student use in course assessment.
Disease Management Programs

Economic evaluation of Disease Management Programs [PotentiAL]

The aim of the paper by researchers from Erasmus Univeristy in the Netherlands is to develop a methodological framework to facilitate the application of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for a comprehensive economic evaluation of disease m...

Should the Little Mermaid have accepted the Sea Witch deal? [FictionAL]

Should the Little Mermaid have accepted the Sea Witch deal in the hope of marrying the Prince and having an immortal soul but at the expense of losing her family, voice and being in perpetual pain from movement?

Stem cell donation to sibling [FictionAL]

The case Ben, the youngest brother of Sarah, Claire, Frank and John has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A stem cell transplant is his best hope. Each of the siblings faces an initial decision of whether to be tested to see whether...

To be or not to be? [FictionAL]

Decision Day with Annalisa: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Annalisa meets up with Hamlet at the opening of his most famous soliloquy, models the way he sees his decision and suggests an alternative analysis that leads to a superior option. This is reject...

Addictive potential of gambling products [TranslationAL]

Do gambling products vary in their potential to become addictive, leading some individuals to become pathological gamblers with compromised health and well-being for both themselves and those around them? Frank Peren and colleagues have developed a m...
Heart - Atirial Fibrillation

What medication for atrial fibrillation? [TranslationAL]

What is the optimal antithrombotic regime for non-valvular atrial fibrillation? The answer depends on the relative weight attached to avoiding stroke on the one hand and the bleeding associated with the treatments on the other - as well as on the pe...

What medical treatment for Diabetes? [PotentiAL]

Type 2 diabetes is a condition with multiple treatment options with multiple potential benefits and harms. As a part of the Johns Hopkins FDA Partnership in Applied Comparative Effectiveness Maruthur, Joy, Dolan, et al. plan to conduct a MCDA using t...
Joints and Bones

What pain relief for Osteoarthritis? [TranslationAL]

Which of nine analgesic treatment options for knee osteoarthritis is best for an individual sufferer? James Dolan and colleagues created an interactive clinical decision ‘dashboard’ to help a patient make this decision.The five attri...
Joints and Bones

What should I do about possible bone fragility? [ProvisionAL]

Increasing bone fragility is a normal function of aging. Should you act to reduce your chance of a fragility fracture? If you are from Australia, Denmark or the UK consulting Annalisa will help you make the decision.

What medication for Generalised Anxiety Disorder? [TranslationAL]

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a chronic or relapsing condition characterised by persistent and pervasive worrying and tension, which causes substantial personal distress and imposes a considerable economic burden. Anxiety disorders are among ...

What method of diagnosing Epilepsy? [TranslationAL]

Diagnosing epilepsy is a lengthy and burdensome process for patients and their family. Although the need for a more patient-centered approach in clinical practice is widely acknowledged, empirical evidence regarding patient preferences for diagnostic...

Which medication for Bipolar Disorder? [TranslationAL]

The National Knowledge Center for the Health Services in Norway (under the leadership of Oystein Eiring) has produced an advanced treatment optimisation system that can be used to construct support systems for any kind of treatment decision. The pil...

Disclose or Not Disclose? [TranslationAL]

A close relative of a seriously ill patient asks his named nurse about the prognosis. To keep this illustration of the application of the prescriptive technique of MCDA simple, we see the nurse having two broad Options, given that she does possess go...
Nursing Informatics

Core Competencies: TIGER International Survey

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How should the community prioritise 'orphan drugs'? [PotentiAL]

How should the community prioritise 'orphan drugs' in terms of public resourcing? These are drugs for diseases whose rarity makes the financial return too low to attract and sustain private investment? Jon Sussex and colleagues report* on a study in ...

COPD medication [TranslationAL]

Comparisons of the use of Aclidinium and Tiotropium for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease often concentrate on key end points (exacerbations) at the expense of other benefits and risks. Marsh and colleagues analysed Tiotropium an...
Sexual and Reproductive Health

What treatment for Erectile Dysfunction? [TranslationAL]

Three first line medications are available for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra). Since they perform differently on relevant criteria Hsu and colleagues used MCDA to compare their ...

Which treatment, if any, should be adopted for sleep apnea? [TranslationAL]

Nick Bansback and colleagues at University of British Colombia used their DCIDA program as a decison aid for this decision.* The decision aid is available at We re-present the decision making pa...
Sleep disorders

What is the best way to deal with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome? [TranslationAL]

What is the best way to deal with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome? (OSAS is a sleep disorder characterised by pauses (apnoea) in breathing - of 10 seconds or more - or very low breathing.) The two main treatment options are Continuous Positive Airw...
Stomach and Bowel

What is the best initial treatment for Crohn's Disease? [TranslationAL]

What is the best iniitial treatment for Crohn's Disease? Glyn Elwyn and colleagues have developed an Option Grid for this decision. An Option Grid is a paper-based decision aid designed to be used by doctor and patient during a 'shared decision makin...

Water Re-use by Membrane Assisted Technologies

A growing practice to supplement diminishing fresh water availability has been the reuse of water. Novel methods of treating polluted waters, such as membrane assisted technologies, have recently been developed and the current challenge is to choose ...