Harms reduction potential of nicotine products [TranslationAL]

An international expert panel convened by the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs developed a multi-criteria decision analysis model of the relative importance of different types of harm related to the use of nicotine-containing products. The group defined 12 products and 14 harm criteria. Seven criteria represented harms to the user, and the other seven indicated harms to others. The group scored all the products on each criterion for their average harm worldwide using a scale with 100 defined as the most harmful product on a given criterion, and a score of zero defined as no harm. The group also assessed relative weights for all the criteria to indicate their relative mportance. Weighted averages of the scores provided a single, overall score for each product. Cigarette smoking emerged as 20-30 times as harmful as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Services (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes.

With very minor modifications we re-present the analysis in Annalisa, to permit exploration of the effects of changing the Weightings and Ratings.