Cancer Treatment [Hypothetical]

In their recent call for wider use of multicriteria approaches to value health interventions, Phelps and Madhavan illustrate the MCDA process in detail. They considered 5 patients faced with choosing among five primary cancer therapies that varied on nine attributes. The five hypothetical patients have different preference profiles, each of which could plausibly represent those of a real person and their trade-off considerations.We have reproduced the analyses in Annalisa. On the first instance the Weightings of Patient B are used, along with the given performance ratings for the five options on the nine attributes which apply to all patient. In the second Annalisa instance, the Weightings are unlocked so the effect of varying them can be explored.. The weights of Patients A, C, D and E can be found in Table 1 of the paper and if these are entered each patient's Score is that reproduced in Table 2 of the paper.