What medical treatment for Diabetes? [PotentiAL]

Type 2 diabetes is a condition with multiple treatment options with multiple potential benefits and harms. As a part of the Johns Hopkins FDA Partnership in Applied Comparative Effectiveness Maruthur, Joy, Dolan, et al. plan to conduct a MCDA using the AHP to determine the optimal choice of oral medications for type 2 diabetes in a simulated advisory committee setting... \"MCDA helps this process by making these judgments explicit, systematic and transparent. It also allows input from multiple stakeholders who may assign different preference weightings to the various risks and benefits... The study will determine to what extent the optimal choice of treatment for type 2 diabetes depends on the performance of the alternatives on various benefit and harm outcomes, and the importance assigned to these outcomes... This study will provide information on a novel comprehensive approach using the AHP to systematically address the risk-benefits in a transparent patient-centered evidence-based manner.\"

Maruthur, N. M., Joy, S., Dolan, J., Segal, J. B., Shihab, H. M., & Singh, S. (2013). Systematic assessment of benefits and risks: study protocol for a multi-criteria decision analysis using the Analytic Hierarchy Process for comparative effectiveness research. F1000Research. doi:10.12688/f1000research.2-160.v1 Available here

Their proposed AHP model is available here, followed by its re-presentation in Annalisa format, where you are invited to enter your own Ratings and Weightings. We will collate, aggregate and publish the Ratings supplied by those registered as an relevant expert on healthedecisions. They will be incorporated in an Annalisa version of the AHP model. Individual ratings will not be identified, but the names of the contributors will be listed in the provenance document and lised s authors in any ensuing publication.